Natural pools in the north of Spain to bathe in the middle of nature

natural pools
In summer you really want to take a dip . There are people who do not like the beach and the sea and do not enjoy swimming pools in cities, which are usually very crowded. These are cases in which there are alternatives. They are the natural pools , which allow you to cool off in the middle of nature and live a unique experience in unparalleled places. Fortunately, in Spain there are several options. Here we make some proposals of those that are located in the northern part of the country.

Aniol d’Aguja

This pool is located in the region of La Garrotxa , in Girona, and is an ideal option for lovers of climbing, canyoning and hiking, who can make a stop on their way to enjoy the refreshing pool of Gora blau de Sant Aniol .

Gorg of Malatosca

Also in Girona is the Gorg of Malatosca, also known as the Gorg of the Witches because it is said that it was common for them to meet in this place. Superstitions aside, this natural pool is in the middle of an unparalleled setting .

From it you can enjoy incredible views in which there is a whole game of green, earth and blue colors . A destination 10 that is also accompanied by very pleasant temperatures.

natural pools

Tapia de Casariego

This marine swimming pool in Asturias is located in the municipality of Tapia de Casariego. One of its main attractions are the views of the sea and the possibility of submerging in the water at a temperature that is a little higher than that of the neighboring beaches.

This pool also allows, in addition to bathing, sunbathing , since it has all the comforts . A fantastic option to enjoy a day at the sea without having to dive into the waves.


In the port of Mutriku, in Guizupcoa, you will find this pool, which is filled with the tides . This pool has a perforated wall that, on the one hand, allows the water to flow back nine, apart from preventing the water level from falling, so that it is always full . In the summer time, it also has all the services of the most common beaches such as lifeguards, showers or changing rooms, among others.

The pools of Mougás

These pools in Oia , Pontevedra, are located specifically on the western side of the Serra da Groba , between valleys and river basins. Its waters are clean and crystalline , being one of its main attractions.