Las Presillas Natural Pools in Madrid

Las Presillas Madrid
As the famous song of The Refrescos says, in Madrid “there is no beach, go, go”, but its inhabitants manage to cool off and have fun during the warmer months of the year without having to leave the community. And how do they do it? Well, very simple! In addition to going to the many pools that can be found here, they escape to nature to enjoy some natural pools. There are not many, but at least they allow you to flee the city and take a refreshing swim while enjoying the natural environment.

Among the best known natural pools we find the Las Presillas Natural Pools , which are located in Rascafría. Without a doubt, it is the ideal place when the thermometers begin to rise. Would you like to know more details about this place? Whether you live in the Community of Madrid or if you plan to spend a few days there next summer, what we are going to tell you below will be very useful.


As we have already told you, Las Presillas Natural Pools are located in Rascafría, a municipality located in the Lozoya valley, in the northwest of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, which is located in a privileged natural environment. In addition, the centuries have added numerous values ​​to the town that further enrich its identity. In fact, Rascafría is considered the capital of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, being the most visited town both for its scenic interest and for its leisure and cultural offer.

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The clips

The Las Presillas Natural Pools are, in reality, a recreational area with wide green meadows and different dams in the Lozoya riverbed. In fact, the water comes, in part, from the melting of the Cordon Larga Mountains, so you can imagine that the water is not entirely warm. Of course, it is ideal to cool off in the middle of summer. In addition to being surrounded by a beautiful landscape and having spectacular views of Pico Peñalara, the pools have a large lawn on one side of the river, while on the other side you can find a pine forest. In addition, it is possible to find toilets, a beach bar, tables, paths and different bins and glass containers, essential to preserve the environment.

Things to keep in mind

Although access is free and open, the truth is that parking costs 5 euros per car per day. Of course, if you prefer, you can park at the Paular Monastery and walk among the oaks. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the place is open every day of the summer from 09: 000 to 22: 000 hours, usually until mid or late September, always depending on the weather. If you plan to go to this beautiful place this summer, you should know that it is not allowed to enter with pets, enter with glass containers, play ball, install tables and chairs, and throw papers, cigarette butts or anything on the ground. In addition, sound sources that can disturb the environment are prohibited.

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Other activities to do in the area

Beyond the natural pools, in Rascafría you can visit the Monastery of El Paular, go horse riding and horse-drawn routes, stay in charming rural houses and hotels throughout the Paular Valley, enjoy the recommended restaurants in the area and do lots of activities in the Lozoya Valley. Next we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of Las Presillas de Rascafría Natural Pools. Do not miss it!