First hotel only for students in Madrid

Neo Magna hotel
Today we move to Madrid to see the first hotel only for students : the Neo Magna. This new accommodation was born seven months ago in the Salamanca neighborhood with the intention of welcoming students who, instead of sharing a flat or opting for residences with schedules and restrictions, opt for the hotel option.

At the Neo Magna, young people have all the comforts of a hotel (room service, laundry, gym, solarium, cafeteria and restaurant), but with typical hostel extras (shared rooms; TV room with Play Station, movies and board games, workspace with printer, WIFI …). As if that were not enough, art exhibitions and workshops are organized in the common area or in the rooms themselves and cultural outings.


The profile of the student who usually accommodates the hotel ranges from 18 to 27 years old, is Spanish or Latin American, studies undergraduate and in the case of postgraduate studies, they are from business schools. However, everyone who wants to stay is accommodated, although students and other guests are usually on separate floors. In fact, the former must pass an interview with a psychologist in order to enter.

Neo Magna hotel1

Relatively cheap

As explained from the hotel, the Neo Magna is cheap. In fact, there are rooms from 42 euros a night and the menu seems very tempting: students have the option of three meals a day for 12 euros. Of course, depending on the type of room, prices start to rise, with full board being 1,050 euros per month and, if it is a single double with balcony and terrace, 1,700 euros.


The hotel allows to receive visits from parents and friends in the case of long stays, a very practical option, since they usually never know where to stay. In addition, many bars in the area offer discounts to students.