Getaways to relax (and forget about it all) this summer

Summer is an ideal time of year to relax , rest and enjoy without worrying and forgetting about everything, even the most everyday things. And especially after the fatigue accumulated by the covid-19. And to achieve these goals, there are a series of destinations that are ideal to get lost, as they say colloquially. Here we make some proposals in case you have not yet chosen a destination for your vacation, although they are also ideal for a getaway.


One of the quintessential destinations to relax is the Maldives . In fact, it is considered a true luxury to rest and disconnect from everything. Besides, it is a very romantic destination, an aspect to consider if you are traveling as a couple.

Bathing in its waters or enjoying the impressive resorts with villas over the water that also have a private pool are some of the options to live an unforgettable summer. In addition, you can still do more things such as treatments in the different spas and boat trips at sunset to observe a beautiful sunset. And, of course, enjoy the gastronomy of the hand of the rich local products.

And for those who prefer a beach destination, another option is Samaná . A virgin jungle with wild paradisiacal beaches and charming towns in this enclave of the Dominican Republic. In addition, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers, since it is possible to observe the humpback whales in their natural environment of mating and reproduction or the spawning of the leatherback and green turtle on the beaches.

Tranquility is also the one that is experienced in the Leana thermal beach . Known as Balneario Leana , it is considered one of the oldest in Spain. Among its main characteristics is the fact that it has the only thermal beach in Spain. The possibilities are enormous because you can have a romantic experience if you go with your partner or enjoy the spa circuits or enter the thermal pools.

And another good destination is the Mondariz Spa . The most striking thing is its Palacio de Agua , which has more than 3,000 square meters dedicated to relaxation and leisure . Likewise, it is possible to enjoy thermal circuits, which are inspired by Celtic culture or by balneotherapy to learn about the thermal culture of more than 2,000 years ago and experience it firsthand.


For those who want a little more activity, an alternative is to take a river cruise on the Douro , which departs and returns to the Portuguese city of Porto. On its way you can see places of great beauty such as Lamego, Vila Real Oporto, Braga and Guimarães. And, of course, you cannot miss the landscapes with the characteristic vineyards.

Further away is the trip to Mars . Said like this, it may sound like you are going to another planet. And yes, you go to Mars, but not by spacecraft, but you participate in a trip that takes place in Futuroscope . This journey allows you to become an astronaut who has the goal of reaching the red planet and who must take an extraordinary journey to live a quite real experience. In addition, in Futuroscope there are many more experiences, estimating around 40 totally different ones.

It is an option that, in addition, has the advantage that it is for everyone, including children because it is an ideal destination for families who, in addition, can be safely visited due to the measures adopted as a result of the covid-19. All that remains is to choose the one you like or interest the most, according to your preferences, and head there this summer to forget about everything.