A safari in Europe ?: Yes it is possible

Safari is a tourist option that is usually associated with certain continents such as Africa and countries such as South Africa or Tanzania, among others. However, it is also possible to carry out this type of tourism in other parts of the world such as Europe . In the old continent there are also virgin areas , which can be visited and allow you to enjoy a similar experience, although with different flora and fauna and landscapes, obviously, from Africans.

The options

These visits and tours can be made throughout Europe’s Natura 2000 Network , which is one of the largest networks of nature reserves in the world. Within it, there are different unexplored spaces to live unique experiences.

Among the possible options are, for example, the Great Côa Valley in Portugal , as well as the Danube Delta. Other alternatives go through countries such as Ukraine , Moldova or Romania .

They are joined by the southern end of the Carpathians , which is in Romania, which is one of the favorite areas for many. And there are still more areas such as the Velebit mountains, which are located in Croatia , as well as the central Italian Apennines in which it is possible to see endemic subspecies such as the Marsica brown bear.

The list continues to grow to include the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria , as well as the Order Delta, which lies on the border between Germany and Poland . And, of course, you can’t miss one of the biggest attractions: Swedish Lapland .

Closer are destinations such as the Netherlands or Belgium with nature reserves where it is possible to see animal species such as bison that live in the wild. A similar attraction can also be enjoyed in the Dutch national park of Kraansvlak and De Maashorst. Within Belgium, destinations such as the Oostvaarders Plassen reserve stand out.


These destinations are also completed with tourist networks that offer different types of accommodation, even very luxurious or very exclusive .