Natural pools to experience beach destinations without sand

Beach destinations are always among the most popular to enjoy a few days of rest and bathing in the water, which are very relaxing and allow you to recharge your energy. However, there are people who are not completely convinced by these destinations because they see the disadvantage of the sand . The alternative is the natural pools in coastal areas. An equally valid option for all those looking for a different experience. Here we tell you three of the main ones that you cannot miss, even once in your life.


In beach areas one of the destinations par excellence is Alicante. And here are The Sources of Hagar . Some natural pools that are very close to Benidorm , since they are about 15 kilometers from this town.

These natural pools are among the best in Spain, although sometimes they have the disadvantage of being very crowded . However, it is a very well equipped area that allows you to enjoy a natural landscape and impressive natural waterfalls . Striking are the turquoise blue waters of the pools.


The Canary Islands are another of the destinations par excellence when it comes to enjoying natural pools. Although there are many options, we are going to stay this time with two of them.

One is Los Charcones , which is located in Lanzarote and very close to the Playa Blanca area. Accessing it is a bit complicated, but it is worth it because you can enjoy swimming pools in different shapes , even in the shape of a bathtub, and colors such as navy blue, green or turquoise. Also the depth varies.

And another good option, but in Tenerife , is the so-called Caletón de Garachico , which arises as a result of a volcanic eruption on the island. Lava formed this unique spot on its way to the sea. It is an enclave that is filled with clean water from the sea and, when withdrawn, the holes are filled with water in which you can even see fish that have been trapped. They are transparent and cold waters that allow you to bathe while the waves break on the sides.