The most beautiful cities in Asia

Asia is a continent in which there are cities and places with great beauty. In addition to the most well-known and popular cities or capitals such as Bangkok, Singapore, Bali or Kuala Lumpur, which are always among the most beautiful and are the most touristy, there are another series of places that deserve to be visited because they are also very beautiful or, at least quite unique . The options are multiple, but here we take a tour of those that we consider to be part of the most beautiful , apart from having some significant peculiarities.

The cities

Located in Burma and along the banks of the Ayevarwdy River, is Bagan . It is the ancient capital of several kingdoms, especially Pagán. In it, you can see old buildings such as pagodas, temples and stupas. They are elements that UNESCO has tried to declare as a World Heritage Site, but without success.

This may be due to the fact that the SPDC military junta has restored some constructions, but without taking into account the architectural styles, since it has used materials that are not like the originals. In addition, it has also built other modern elements in the area such as golf courses or a paved highway.

In Mandalay , also in Burma, is the Mandalay Palace, which is the last of the royal type of the country’s last monarchy. Inside, you can see a fortress walled by a moat. In addition, it is striking to observe how all the palace buildings are one story high, as well as the number of spiers above a building that indicates the importance of the area below.

In Laos, there is Luang Prabang , which is always associated with Buddhist temples. In fact, today, it remains one of the main religious and spiritual centers in this city, which has more than 50 temples. In them, a combination of Buddhist architecture and French colonialism is observed. This city has been a World Heritage Site since 1995.

The tour of Asia also takes us to Bukhara , in Uzbekistan. Among its main attractions are the mausoleums, madrassas, mosques and minarets. It is a place full of history and a lot of magic. Not surprisingly, it is on the ancient Silk Road, being a point of attraction for travelers, merchants, scholars and scientists.

Its charm lies in turn in that it is in the Kyzyl Kum desert, being in a place like no other. But do not forget to enter it to enjoy its old town and the sets of historical buildings that are very abundant and that have earned it to be known as the City of Museums.

Nickname also has Phnom Penh . In this case, it is called the Paris of the East. Why? The reason is that this Cambodian capital has an impressive Royal Palace and grand boulevards and French colonial buildings. In its streets there are also cafes, bars with atmosphere and numerous restaurants with good gastronomy.

And, finally, the tour of Asia we are going to close in Chiang Mai , in Thailand. This city, located on the banks of the Ping River, has a historic center that is protected and that, in addition, is surrounded by ancient walls. Inside, you can see temples, pagodas, stupas and museums. Among the Buddhist temples, Wat Phra Singh is the most famous.

Added to these attractions is the fact that it is surrounded by lush tropical forests and very striking landscapes due to its mountains. In addition, for those who want animation, you just have to go to its night bazaar, which has a very lively life. Even if it is only for a moment, it is well worth getting closer to know it.