The best cities in Europe for a getaway

Now that the summer holidays are behind us, the time has come to start thinking about the getaways that we will do in the coming months. To help you with the choice of destination, today we want to propose some of the best cities in Europe to make a city ​​break . Specifically, we want to tell you about the finalists for the World Travel Awards , which were established in 1993 to recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in all key sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry.

The winner of this year ‘sEurope’s Leading City Break Destination ” category was Lyon, but there are many other cities on the list of nominees that are worth checking out. Would you like to know which ones are they? Well, you just have to join us!

Lyon, France

As we have just mentioned, the city that has won the award for the best city for a getaway has been Lyon, which stands out for its landscapes , its tourist attractions and the silk that is made here. In addition, for many it is the gastronomic capital of France.

Athens, Greece

One of the cities nominated for this award has been Athens, capital of Greece. Here you can find numerous ancient monuments and ruins. And we must not forget that it is one of the oldest cities in the world, as well as being the cradle of modern civilization and culture.

Berlin Germany

From Greece we moved to Germany to tell you about Berlin, the capital. It is an old and new city at the same time that it is considered one of the main cultural centers on the planet.

Bordeaux, France

We return to France to tell you about Bordeaux, a city full of charm and style. In addition, here you can also enjoy excellent cuisine.

Dublin, Ireland

Another perfect city for a city ​​break is Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It stands out for its Gaelic traditions , its lush green parks and monuments, as well as for its lively pubs.

Geneva, Switzerland

Also Geneva, the international capital of Switzerland, was among the nominees. It is a city that houses numerous headquarters of different world organizations

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul could not be missing from this list, a city of contrasts with many tourist attractions to visit, such as Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

Lisbon Portugal

Very close to Spain is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which stands out for its history, its monuments, its trams and, of course, its bridges. In addition, it is a fairly inexpensive destination.

Lodz, Poland

Less well known is Lodz, the third largest city in Poland. Its picturesque central streets are worth a walk, as well as visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Lunapark amusement park.

London England

We continue our tour of Europe in England, where we find London, one of the most visited cities on the continent, something that is not surprising if we consider that it is home to some of the best tourist places in the world. In our article "Essential visits in London" we show you some of them.

Madrid Spain

The only Spanish city among the nominees is Madrid, the country’s capital. It is a vibrant and lively city that hides many interesting corners: Puerta del Sol, Gran Vía, the Malasaña neighborhood, Chueca, important football stadiums …

Paris France

Another French city that is present on the list is Paris, also known as the “City of Light” and the “City of Love”. Among its main monuments are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum.

Porto, Portugal

We return to Portugal to tell you about Porto, a city known as the Portuguese Venice for its large number of canals . It is a tremendously romantic city.

Rome Italy

How could it be otherwise, Rome is also present on this list. And the fact is that the Italian capital is one of the cities with the most history in the world. In addition, it is home to the Vatican , great museums, spectacular monuments and illustrious works.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg
Another good destination for a getaway is Saint Petersburg, the second most populous city in Russia. It stands out for being the cultural nucleus of the country and for housing splendid architectural jewels.

Venice Italy

Finally, we have to talk about Venice, an Italian city known for its canals, its gondolas and its romanticism . In addition, it is home to beautiful palaces and churches by the water.