Boat routes: the most idyllic beaches and coves of the Balearic and Canary Islands

Not only does the peninsula have coastal areas that seem like a dream and that can only be accessed –or it should be done for the views –by boat . The islands are also an ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy a few days of rest, escape, disconnect and live a different vacation in the middle of nature and in an environment that is truly wonderful. And, within the islands , what destinations can be visited on boats?


The Balearic Islands have many beaches and coves that are truly amazing. Really, taking a tour of its entire coastline is a magnificent choice to observe all of nature and enjoy its magnificent waters.

And, although any of the islands that make up this archipelago is a good option, it is true that Menorca is in first position . In fact, it is the best of all to go by boat or visit the beaches and coves regardless of whether or not they have other accesses by other means such as road or foot.

Within Menorca, there are two obligatory stops. One of them is Cala Trebalúger , which is characterized by its white sand and turquoise waters . This corner of the island, which is difficult to access, is little known despite being idyllic. And it is a practically virgin and deserted cove that, in addition, presents another peculiarity: a small river that runs its stones and that flows into the sea.

Canary Islands
More known and popular is Cala Fonerlls . Here you can get there by other means of transport, but it is better to go by boat to see the coast, the rocks and the contrast with the crystal clear waters with different variations of blue color . During the stop, a lobster stew is well worth eating.

Canary Islands

Like the Balearic Islands, any of the Canary Islands deserve to be visited by boat but, especially, La Graciosa, which, until recently, was the great unknown of this archipelago. Little crowded and practically virgin coves are its main attractions, as well as activities such as diving or snorkeling. Within it, obligatory stops are the beach of Las Conchas or La Cocina.