Water getaways: the best destinations and activities for an unforgettable end of summer

With the month of August over, but still with summer days, you still want to enjoy the water to have fun and avoid or alleviate the heat. These are days when you can easily make a getaway to enjoy water destinations –not only there is the sea and the beach or the swimming pools, even if they are natural-, but also water activities . What can be done? The options are diverse . Here are some suggestions to round off the holidays and days of rest.


One of the activities that can be done is rafting. And, among the best destinations to practice this activity, is the Noguera River, where it is possible to make a descent of a total of 14 kilometers of descent in groups of between four and eight people maximum in an inflatable boat.

The descent down the river, in the area of Lleida, consists of rocks overcome with the help of oars on the stretch of Llavorsí-Rialp, which is one of the most exciting for its fast.

The route is safe –in addition, the instructors explain everything you need to know beforehand-, being able to practice rafting as a family , since it is an activity allowed for children over ten years of age . Of course, all members of the group who participate must know how to swim. It is an activity that can be done until October 15.



More relaxed is sailing on a catamaran or on a sailboat within a day in which there is no lack of music, relaxation to sunbathe and tan, dive, go snorkelling to see the seabed or simply bathe with mats and trampoline. And, of course, not forgetting the barbecue type food.

It is an activity that, for example, takes place in Lloret de Mar , in the province of Gerona and is also open to children and adults, making it another option to enjoy with the family.

For those who do not have children or prefer a romantic getaway , there are also options such as the possibility of watching the sunset, dining and spending the night on board a sailboat for two in the Malaga town of Estepona .

The boat has a skipper and an exclusive walk for two through the sea is carried out in order to also see the stars and enjoy the tranquility of the sea with a special meal and an open bar of drinks such as cava, wine, beers and refreshments during the ride.

Water inside

And, for those who prefer to dive to the bottom of the sea , a good option is to do a diving baptism . This allows – once the monitor has given the theoretical class and the knowledge that must be had -, to jump into the water to see the bottom of the sea, be it rocky, crystal clear waters and observe its marine fauna.

In these types of activities, the instructor is always accompanied during the initiation so that there are no problems and the experience is enjoyed to the fullest. In addition, in many cases, a photographic report is received.

This experience can be lived in many areas of the Spanish coastline . And where to go? Among some of the best destinations are Ametlla del Mar (Tarragona), Los Abrigos (Tenerife), Calviá (Mallorca), Cabo de Gata Natural Park (Almería) and Calpe (Alicante).

Another experience can be lived in the Big Blue of the Palma Aquarium , one of the deepest shark tanks in Europe, to see them up close. A similar experience is enjoyed at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona , which is even suitable for children over ten years old, while at Ametlla de Mar , in Tarragona, you can swim among tuna to discover the world of the great red giant.