Paradise islands to live an unforgettable summer

paradisiacal islands
In Spain , there are some fantastic islands to live a great summer and enjoy days of sun and beach and many other attractions. But, from time to time, you also want to go out and see other places . On this occasion, we propose these islands, which can be defined as paradisiacal and which can be perfect destinations for these summer days.


Zanzibar is the main island of the archipelago that has the same name and is in Tanzania. This destination is an excellent option for those who want to spend a boat vacation and love sailing , although navigation is not easy in these waters, especially if you want to go to the most remote parts. By the way, the best time to do the boat tour is from December to March and from June to October.

Its coastline and its beaches are worthy of a paradisiacal tropical-type landscape. The best are located in Nungwi and northern beaches, although the most expensive and exclusive hotels are located on the South Coast and Southwest.

Among the main attractions are the dhows . With this name, the traditional wooden boats of the area are known, which are all over the surface of the Indian Ocean .

paradisiacal islands


Another good option for this summer is Göcek, in Turkey . It is a virgin island with extensive vegetation of pine and olive trees, which even reach the seashore, whose waters are turquoise .

It is an option for those who also want to sail because there are countless islands in their environment , being possible to dock each day in a different one. In addition, this destination has the advantage of having four marinas .


And, for lovers of the Caribbean, the option goes through the Caribbean island of Antigua. It is also an ideal destination for those who like to sail because that way they can get to know its historic ports and anchor them to the green coast and the tropical jungle.

A destination that is known above all for its tourist complexes and its reef beaches , a landscape that contrasts with the rain forests that it also houses.

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