Galician islands with a lot of charm to enjoy the summer

Cies Island
Galicia is becoming one of the most popular destinations for this summer , since this community receives less crowded tourism. In addition, it has many places to see both in its inland towns and on the coast. And, of course, there are also its islands . Some of them are well known, such as the Cíes, but others are not so well known. Anyone is a good option to live a summer on the beach and sea .

Cies Island

The Cíes Islands are one of the most famous in Galicia for their great beauty, as well as having starred in some of the song lyrics of musical groups, especially of Galician origin.

With the reopening of mobility, it is one of the destinations that is attracting the most tourists. And reasons are not lacking in this choice. Located at the beginning of the Ría de Vigo , the Cíes Islands are home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It is about the beach of Rhodes .

This beach, which is also the most extensive of these islands, is located on the north island or Isla de Monteagudo. With a crescent shape, its white sand and its blue and green waters stand out, enclosing a small lake with transparent waters that, in turn, separates the islands of Monteagudo and Faro. In addition to these beaches, these islands offer many hiking trails and nature activities.


Illa de Arousa

Another of the most popular Galician islands is the Illa de Arousa, which is the largest in this community. Of it, for example, the Islote de Areoso stands out, low in height and made of white sand , as well as the Punta Cabalo Lighthouse , which was built in 1852.

To these attractions is also added the Mirador O Con Do Forno , which is the highest point and there is the image of the Heart of Jesus " El Santo "; the Carreirón Natural Park with its bird species or its numerous beaches such as Area da Secada, which has a blue flag, or Playa dos Espiños, which is located in the natural park, among many others.

Ons Islands

The Ons Islands are perhaps less well known, but they are well worth a visit because they are spectacular thanks to their more rugged and unspoiled landscape . Located in the Ría de Pontevedra, they are part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

Among its beaches, for example, the Playa de Melide, which is the largest and has an interesting dune field ; Pereiró Beach, characterized by its exuberant surroundings; the Almacén Beach or Das Dronas, which is near the pier, or Canexol Beach, which has the curiosity of being under the fort and cemetery of this island.

Isla de la Toja

Isla de la Toja is another of the best known and most popular for its hot springs . In fact, its spa is one of the main attraction points for tourists, who also enjoy its golf course and casino .

Other leisure options on the island are boat trips on the estuary to see the marine fauna or learn, for example, how mussels are cultivated.

Other proposals

Besides these islands, there are still other interesting tourist proposals. Very attractive are the Sisargas Islands , located on the Costa da Morte , and which are steep in nature, which favors the cliffs . They are a Special Protection Area for Birds, being able to see different species of seagulls.

The tour also takes us to the Island of San Simón , located in the Ría de Vigo, which is part of the San Simón archipelago, which has a history of interest. Not surprisingly, it was used as a monastery, a lazaretto and even a prison. Today, the islands have been an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Historic Site since July 29, 1999.