Tropical Islands, a spectacular leisure center in Germany

Germany is a country full of interesting places, but many of them are unknown to the Spanish. For example, here you can find beautiful cities and towns that are worth getting lost in. And not only that, but you will find one of the largest leisure centers in the world. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! We are referring to Tropical Islands , a place where you can have a lot of fun and relax to forget the stress and routine of day to day.

Today at Vuela Viajes we move to this leisure center located in Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg, a municipality in the Dahme-Spreewald district of Brandenburg , 35 kilometers from the municipal district of Berlin. Would you like to discover it? Well, all you have to do is join us! Above all, we recommend that you take a look at our gallery, where you will find some images that will encourage you to include this place in your list of possible destinations.

Summer all year round

Just 35 kilometers from the municipality of Berlin is Tropical Islands, a tropical leisure center that is located in a former hangar of the defunct company Cargolifer AG, which is considered the largest ship in the world. It is one of the most amazing indoor theme parks in the world. And although Germany is not a country that is characterized precisely by its warm climate, the truth is that this leisure center offers temperatures of 26º C throughout the year. Therefore, although the most extreme climate is being experienced outside, inside it will seem like summer.


The largest indoor rainforest in the world

The Tropical Islands leisure center covers an area of ​​66,000 square meters. Does it seem like a surprising number to you? Well, wait for the following information! And we are talking about a world full of exoticism in which you will find the largest covered tropical jungle in the world, the largest slide tower in the country and the largest pavilion on the planet.


Natural spaces

What we like most about this place is that it allows visitors to enjoy natural spaces such as the tropical jungle, which has almost 50,000 plants; a lagoon similar to those that can be found in Bali; or a beach with white sand and palm trees, where there are hundreds of sun loungers. And children and not so young will have a great time in its many attractions.


just relax

As we mentioned at the beginning, Tropical Islands is not all fun, but it also has a part dedicated to relaxation. We are referring to the Tropical Sauna & Spa complex, which measures no more and no less than 10,000 square meters. Here you can enjoy massages or relax in one of its seven saunas and steam rooms, something that will come in handy after the exciting day that you will live thanks to all its attractions. It also houses a fitness club equipped with all kinds of modern equipment.


More leisure and fun

On the other hand, we want to comment that the leisure center has 13 different restaurants, as well as bars and lounges; an avenue full of shops; and a walking area with a tropical atmosphere. And if you want to spend the night there, you can do it in its themed rooms, in hostels or in tents. Also, you should know that at night the park becomes even more beautiful. And it is that the underwater lighting dyes everything a beautiful turquoise color. In addition, different shows are represented. As if that were not enough, the little ones in the house can enjoy a children’s club, a scaffolding scaffolding, a go-kart track and much more. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of this spectacular leisure center located in Germany. Do not miss it!