ICEHOTEL, a spectacular and ephemeral ice hotel in Sweden

When looking for a hotel, most of us take into account issues such as location (if it is in the city center, near the beach, next to the ski slope …), the services and amenities it offers (if it admits children, if it offers parking, if it has air conditioning …) or the rate. However, there are hotels that stand out from the rest because they have something special, be it exclusive services, a unique design, themed rooms or any other aspect that is out of the ordinary. This is the case of the hotel that we are going to present to you today.

We are referring to the ICEHOTEL , an original accommodation that was founded in Sweden in 1989. As you may have imagined from the name, it stands out for being made of ice and snow. Would you like to discover more details about this impressive hotel? Well then you can’t miss anything that we tell you below!

Rebuilt every year

The ICEHOTEL is located inside the Arctic Circle, specifically in the Jukkasjärvi village. Although it began as an artistic project, in its years of life it has been consolidated as a hotel, although without neglecting the more artistic aspect. Logically, the hotel melts every spring, although it is rebuilt every year taking into account a new plan. Some 5,000 tons of ice are used for construction, which, surprisingly, is extracted in March from an area near the river Torne and is kept cold throughout the summer.


The origin of ICEHOTEL

As we mentioned at the beginning, the hotel was born in 1989, although it was actually the result of chance. And it is that that year an exhibition of sculptures made with ice and snow was held in Jukkasjärvi that were located in an igloo built for the occasion. The success of the exhibition was such that the village did not have the capacity to accommodate all the visitors. Therefore, the organizers decided to host them in the igloo . Of course, they gave them sleeping bags and gave them some recommendations to spend the night there. In addition, in the morning they were offered the possibility of having a morning sauna.


The annual reconstruction

The annual reconstruction of the hotel is the work of different builders and artists from different creative disciplines, who spend months working on their works. Therefore, we can say that the ICEHOTEL is not only a hotel, but that it is also an authentic art exhibition. Of course, the hotel offers different categories of accommodation, being able to choose both a single room and a luxury suite . Of course, breakfast, sauna and warm outer clothing are included in the price.


Weddings and different activities

Among the services offered by this original hotel are weddings. Without a doubt, it is a unique location to share love with friends and family. Thus, the ICEHOTEL has an ice church and a majestic main hall to celebrate the link. Of course, the wedding night is also special, being able to spend the first night as a married couple in a suite. It is important to note that all suites are a work of art. As for the church , which has capacity for about 40 people, it opens on December 26 and stays open until April, when the ice begins to melt. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that you can carry out different activities, such as excursions to contemplate the Northern Lights, ice fishing, dog sled rides, excursions to spot elk, snowmobile safaris, make ice sculptures …

Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of this original hotel located in Sweden. Do not miss it!

Photographs: ICEHOTEL