The hotels with the most spectacular pools in the world

When choosing a hotel for the holidays, it is always done taking into account what you expect from it and what you need it to offer you, since an All-Inclusive beach hotel to be there throughout the day is not the same as a hotel. of a city where you only go to sleep and have breakfast. One thing that any type of tourist likes a lot is that their hotel has a swimming pool , and that is that any time is always good to take a dip.

There are hotels that have really spectacular swimming pools , be it beach or city hotels, and that have earned a very good reputation thanks to the spectacular nature of their pool. Today I would like to show you a few hotels that have the most spectacular pools in the world. Take note:

Katikies Hotel

It is in Oia, in Greece, the westernmost point of the island of Santorini . It is a luxury hotel that has stunning views of the Aegean Sea and is on a cliff, with different levels. It is a perfect place to enjoy the good weather as it has infinity pools that seem to merge with the sea. It also has an outdoor Jacuzzi and several restaurants.

Hotel The Sarojin Thailand

It is in Khao Lak , one of the most spectacular places in Thailand. Infinity pools at the foot of restaurants to enjoy a very special dinner. It also has a spa that uses only natural elements in all its treatments.

Hotel W Retreat & Spa Maldives

It is in the Maldives , on a small private island called Fesdu. It has private pools in the rooms, something without a doubt spectacular. It also has really spectacular beaches and views. There you can practice a wide variety of water sports.

Hotel Mardan Palace Antalya

It is in Antalya and it is one of the most luxurious hotels on the Turkish Riviera . Its pool is spectacular, with several bridges that cross over it, one of them being also a design by Leonardo da Vincci in the 15th century. It also has an amphitheater with capacity for almost a thousand spectators.