These are the most expensive cities in the world

expensive cities
Traveling does not have to be expensive because there are cheap destinations and even within cities and countries there are different alternatives depending on the economic possibilities of each pocket. However, there are destinations that are more expensive than others, some of them being almost or practically prohibitive for many families or travelers. Here we make a list of the most expensive cities in the world so that, if you go, you know that you have to prepare a little more budget than other times.

The ranking

This ranking is headed by the city of Hong Kong , which ranks first as the most expensive capital for foreigners, according to data from the latest Mercer study.

Second place goes to Ashgabat , the capital of Turkmenistan, while third place goes to Tokyo. The fourth position is for Zurich , closing the Top 5 Singapore . The ranking continues with other cities such as New York , which is in sixth place after falling from ninth in the previous survey.

The last three positions go to Shanghai , which is in seventh place, Bern in eighth position and Beijing in tenth place. And, on the opposite side, that is, those that are cheaper for a foreigner are Tunisia, Windhoek, Tashkent and Bishkek.

expensive cities


In addition to the world ranking, the study has also established the most expensive cities by continents or geographical areas. For example, in the case of Europe, this ranking is headed by Zurich , which already appeared on the global list.

The following posts are for other cities in Switzerland. These are Bern , which is in second place, and Geneva , which comes to third place after climbing four places compared to the previous year. Behind them are London , Paris , Milan and Frankfurt .

Middle East and Africa

In this part of the world, the most expensive city is Tel Aviv , which maintains its first position and is also one of the most expensive in the world, ranking 12th globally. Behind her are Dubai , Riyadh and Abu Dhabi . For its part, Cairo is the cheapest.

And, within Africa, the first place is for N’Djamena , in Chad, whose cost of living contrasts with that of Tunisia, which is the lowest in the entire African continent.


And what happens in America? It depends on the area of ​​this continent. In the United States, New York stands out as the most expensive, followed by San Francisco , Los Angeles , Honolulu and Chicago . On the opposite side, that is, the cheapest is Winston Salem, located in North Carolina and which maintains this position.

Continuing with the North American area, we come to Canada, where Vancouver is in the first position as the most expensive city, followed by Toronto . The list ends with Ottawa , which is the cheapest.

In South America, the ranking of the most expensive cities is headed by San Juan . This is followed by Port of Spain , San José and Montevideo . Finally, Managua is listed as the most affordable.

Pacific Asia

This part of the world is one of the most expensive because six of the 10 most expensive for a foreigner are located in this area. Thus, positions such as Hong Kong , which maintains its position, are repeated. After her, it is the turn of Ashgabat , Tokyo , Singapore , Shanghai and Beijing .

Within some countries such as India, for example, the situation of Mumbai stands out , which is the most expensive city, which contrasts with Kolkata, which is the cheapest. And, already within Australia, we have to talk about Sydney that occupies the Top 1 of a ranking that closes with Adelaide.