Tips for traveling to Malta

Still don’t know where to go this vacation? Are you looking for a destination that brings together the beach, good weather, fun and interesting places to visit? Then, Malta is the place you are looking for, a haven of beauty and history in the Mediterranean. And with the advantage of being relatively close to Spain.

It is a small island that barely exceeds 300 square kilometers, and yet it is a highly recommended place to spend a very special vacation, as it holds treasures for everyone. If you like the beach, you will find them wonderful there; If you want to visit cultural places, Malta has incredible archaeological remains and monuments of great interest. A destination that is drawn in a special way on the international tourism scene .

An island full of treasures

If you decide to get to know Malta this summer, some practical advice will come in handy. To begin with, you cannot miss a visit to La Valleta , the capital and nerve center of the island. In addition, it has been named European Capital of Cultural 2018. To start your tour of the city, enjoy one of the best views from the Barrakka Gardens. And it is only the beginning: museums, cathedral, palaces, churches… A whole world to discover. To discover the city, touring it on foot is the best alternative. So you can soak up its atmosphere, breathe in the history that its streets and squares exude. But if you want to get around by public transport, you have to know that the bus is the only one available, be it tourist or bus. To visit the nearby islands, the ferry is the most recommended.

Very close to the capital is the city of Mdina, of impressive beauty with its narrow streets with a medieval air and its buildings of Baroque architecture. The small islands of Gozo and Comino are also an alternative to visit if you travel to Malta. They are almost deserted, with hardly any inhabitants or too many people, so they are a good option for those looking for tranquility.