Shopping in Cardiff

Cardiff is a special city, with many interesting things to discover, and since its size is relatively affordable, it can be visited in a few days. But in addition to the treasures it hides (among which the Castle , the Millennium Stadium or the National Museum stand out ), there are many other things to do in the Welsh capital. One of them is shopping. In fact, Cardiff has an interesting commercial network where you will find special treasures to take with you as souvenirs.

There are several alternatives to organize a good day of shopping in Cardiff, and it all depends on what we are looking for or what we want to discover. We tell you which are the best options.

Tradition and glamor

If what you want is to visit and buy in the stores of the big brands known by all, I will tell you that you will find them in the surroundings of the Castle. Strolling through the shopping centers you will find what you are looking for. But if you want something more special, I recommend that you take a walk through the Arcades , six galleries with a Victorian flavor, located in the center of Cardiff, where the walk itself is worth it, even if you don’t buy anything. They can easily be included in a list of interesting places in Cardiff. In them you will find clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. You will not only find shops to use, but also vintage hiding places, small shops of rarities and peculiar objects, old bookstores, handicraft objects, etc. A whole universe to enjoy without haste.

Another typical area for shopping is Pontcanna and it is a modern neighborhood close to the center. It is full of exclusive boutiques and decoration shops that exude glamor, very avant-garde design studios, etc. It may also be interesting to take a tour of the bay area , recently restored. There you will find curious and very sophisticated shops, perfect to go for a walk.