Reasons to visit Skansen (Stockholm)

If you are enjoying a few days in Stockholm, I recommend that you dedicate one of them to visit Skansen . I was very surprised since I did not expect everything that I found when I arrived, and if you want to savor it with time and tranquility, I advise you to go without rushing to return.

It is an open-air museum (considered the oldest in the world of its kind) in which a beautiful journey through the history of Sweden is made through houses and old buildings that have come from all over this Nordic country. They are real houses that they brought from their places of origin here, not reconstructions.

I tell you three reasons to visit Skansen . In my opinion, it’s worth it.

1 – You will get to know the history and culture of Sweden

Throughout this tour of these houses, schools, farms and other buildings you will learn about the history, culture and traditions of Sweden . You will see what the customs of the time were like, how they worked at that time and how their day to day developed.

In many of these buildings you will come across people dressed in old clothes who will explain the history of that house. You can ask curiosities and doubts. You will see bakers making bread, pastry chefs, artisans in the workshops, farmers who sew in the light of the window … Each space recreates and tells its own story.


2 – You will see a lot of animals

In addition to the Swedish tradition, Skansen is a space where different varieties of animals coexist, from exotic such as birds, reptiles and monkeys to Nordics such as moose, lynx, wolves, seals or otters. Likewise, you will also see species included in conservation projects such as the agile lizard, the bison, the otter or the green toad. There is a zoo and an aquarium, among many other spaces dedicated to animals.

3 – Children will have a great time

Although the older ones enjoy the beauty, the smallest of the house have a great time contemplating the animals and playing in the different activities directed for them. In the enclosure there are several parks and areas where you can ride a pony and ride attractions. In addition, in summer they can help with the daily chores of the Skånegården farm or the Back Mats cabin .

Practical information about the Skansen museum

The Skansen Open Air Museum was opened in 1891 by Professor Artur Hazelius. Hazelius took a trip to Dalecarlia in 1872 and realized that the culture of the time was fading as industrial society emerged.

He reflected on it and began to obtain objects so that future generations would have a legacy about the history of his country; For nothing in the world did he want those artisan trades, those traditions and the way of life to be forgotten. And thus Skansen was born, a journey to the past to discover the history of Sweden in a playful and magical way.


How to get to Skansen?

Skansen is located on the island of Djurgården , an island where you will find several museums that are also very interesting to visit. You can get there on foot, by bus (line 44), by tram (7) or by the Djurgårdsfärjan ferry.

The opening hours will depend on the time of year you go. Now in winter, for example, it is open from 10:00 to 15:00, although this summer it was a little longer in the afternoon. As I told you, I recommend that you go early as it is worth spending a calm day to be able to enter all the houses, chat with the locals and soak up the history of Sweden.