Reasons to visit Norway

reasons to visit norway
Although most of us mortals tend to think of hot climates when looking for a vacation destination, the truth is that there are many cold corners in the world that deserve to be visited. One of them is Norway , a country located in northern Europe that has a lot to offer tourists from all over the world.

Today at Vuelva Viajes we are going to give you a few reasons why you should visit Norway at least once in your life. In addition, at the end of the article we are going to offer you some beautiful images of this charming European country. Would you like to join us?

Beautiful natural wonders

Without a doubt, among the main reasons to visit Norway are its many natural wonders. Although they are many and all very beautiful, we are going to highlight the Trolltunga cliff, located 1,100 meters above sea level; Kjeragbolten, a huge stone located in a crevice at 1,000 meters; and Hornindalsvatnet, which is the deepest lake in Europe (514 meters deep). How could it be otherwise, among all the natural wonders of Norway we also have to highlight the fjords , especially Geirangerfjorden, considered by many to be the most beautiful.

Of course, we cannot forget the glaciers , among which Jostedalsbreen stands out, which is considered the largest in continental Europe. It has 487 square kilometers and has more than 50 branches.


One of the happiest countries in the world

Although it is its landscapes that attract the thousands of tourists who visit Norway each year, the truth is that another good reason to visit this country is that it is considered one of the happiest in the world. And we do not say it, but a United Nations report dating from 2013. The life expectancy, health, freedom and social support that the Norwegian inhabitants have are some of the reasons that have led this country to be in second place in this ranking.

A very safe country

The people of Norway can not only boast of living in one of the most beautiful and happiest countries in the world, but they can also say with their mouths full that it is one of the safest states in the world. And, according to official data, crime , murder and incarceration rates are really low. This may be closely related to the level of happiness that the citizens of Norway have. Do not you think?


One of the great advantages of traveling to Norway instead of to another destination is that this country has the allemannsrett law ("right of all men" in Spanish), which allows all citizens to roam, access and cross any territory at all times that is not cultivated. Thanks to this law, it is possible, among other things, to camp anywhere, climb any mountain and walk through all areas that are not fenced.

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Urban spaces

We do not want to say goodbye without first telling you about the beautiful urban spaces that can be found in this Nordic country. The city of Oslo , for example, is surrounded by forested landscapes and huge mountains, elements that give it a very special touch. We also have to highlight the Fortress of Fredrikstad, which is one of the best preserved ancient cities in northern Europe. In addition, Norway is full of picturesque villages with colorful fishermen’s houses that will seem really charming.

Amazing natural phenomena

Nor should we forget that in Norway you can enjoy one of the most amazing phenomena on the planet: the northern lights. In addition, we do not want to say goodbye without telling you about the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon observed north of the Arctic Circle and that allows you to glimpse the sun 24 hours a day in the summer months.

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Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find some super beautiful images of Norway. Do not miss it!