Visit the North Cape in Norway

North Cape is one of the most spectacular places in Norway, with many interesting things to see and great natural beauty, something that characterizes this Nordic country. This fantastic place is 308 meters above the Barents Sea, in northern Norway , and specifically on the island of Mageroya.

Very frequented by explorers not only in ancient times but also currently receives quite a few. In addition, it is also the perfect place for lovers of climbing and motorcycles. Dream landscapes and an infinite horizon, here I leave you the most interesting of North Cape:

– To get to North Cape you can do it from the nearest town, Honningsvag, from which you can travel by bus. From November 1 to April 30 the road is closed for individuals so on that date it is mandatory to go by bus. The rest of the year you can go in your own car if you want.

– Between May and July you can admire the Midnight Sun , a spectacular natural phenomenon that you will not see anywhere else and that becomes a spectacle attended by tourists from all over the country.

– In the winter months you can do a lot of activities in the snow with sleds or snowmobiles. A unique experience. Also, at other times of the year you can fish in many areas.

– Kirkeporten is the rock formation on the Shakrsvag cliff and from there you have amazing views. If you like photography you will put your boots on in this place.

– You can also enjoy bird watching , native species that you will not see in other places and that are spectacular.

– You can program several excursions for one day and thus take advantage of all the time to discover the most impressive of this place and its surroundings.