The most beautiful river sources in Spain

Source of the Urederra
It is said that, years ago, a squirrel could have crossed the Iberian Peninsula without touching the ground and, although this is not possible today, the truth is that we cannot complain about the flora and fauna of our country, since it is one of the most abundant in all of Europe. In fact, we must not forget that more than 12% of our territory is protected, either by the denomination of National Park, Natural Reserve, Protected Landscape or Natural Park.

Strolling through one of our natural areas, such as the Hayedo de Montejo, the Tabernas Desert or the Fageda d’en Jordà, is a privilege. Of course, among the most beautiful corners of our country are the sources of some rivers, which arise in tremendously beautiful spaces. Today we are talking about some of the best nativity scenes in Spain. Would you like to join us?

Nacedero del Urderra

Source of the Urederra1
If you think so, we are going to start talking about the birth that has been considered one of the Seven Rural Wonders of Spain by the Toprural accommodation search engine. Declared a Natural Reserve in 1987, the Nacimiento del Urderra is one of the most beautiful corners of Spain. It is located in the Sierra de Urbasa, Navarra and, as you can see in the image, it looks like a fairy tale place, where you can find beautiful waterfalls and pools with turquoise blue waters. But beyond the water, we must highlight the diversity of fauna and flora of the place, where you can find a large number of birds and plant species such as beech, oak, elm or hazelnut.

Source of the Cuervo River

Source of the Cuervo River
In our list of the most beautiful rivers in Spain, we could not miss the Cuervo River, located in Cuenca, next to Vega del Codorno. In this place the waters rush from high ledges forming formations of spectacular beauty. Among the animals that can be found in the surroundings of this birth we highlight the squirrel, the goat moss, the water blackbird, the gray wagtail and the wild cat. In addition, there is an abundant vegetation, formed by, among other species, elms, willows, maples, holly and hazelnuts. To enjoy this beautiful place you have three trails: the Path of the Birth of the Cuervo River, the Path of the Peat and the Path of the Pine Forest.

Source of the Tagus

Source of the Tagus
In Teruel we find the source of the longest river on the peninsula: the Tagus. Of course, before reaching this beautiful place is the Monument to the Birth of the Tagus River, which includes the symbols of the three provinces that host the river in its first kilometers: Teruel, Cuenca and Guadalajara. Of all this area, the Casas de Fuente García stands out, a small valley where the Fuente García is located, which is the real source of the Tagus.

Source of the Mundo River

Birth of the Rio Mundo
We also want to tell you about the Birth of the Mundo River, located in the province of Albacete, which has its origin in the waters and snow that seep into the Calar del Mundo , a karst platform that is about 15 kilometers long. It is in the Cueva de los Chorros where the water falls through the rocks forming spectacular waterfalls

Source of the Ebro

Source of the Ebro River
Finally, we want to include in our list the Nacimiento del Ebro, which is located in Fontibre, a small town in Cantabria that belongs to the municipality of Hermandad de Campo de Suso, 3 kilometers from Reinosa. The source, which is surrounded by a forest full of beeches and gall oaks, is actually the point where a part of the Hijar river reappears.