Soca, the most beautiful river in Europe

Many people think that the Soca river, with its emerald green waters, is the most beautiful in Europe. The truth is that its course is full of impressive places: from narrow gorges to powerful torrents. A fluvial wonder that rises in the heart of the Julian Alps, in the westernmost part of Slovenia, and flows into the Adriatic Sea, northwest of Italy. By the way, they call it the Isonzo River there.

The beauty of this alpine river attracts many visitors, as the environment promises great moments of adventure in contact with nature. The spring from which the Soca River is born is no less than 1,100 meters above sea level.

Pure nature

The Soca Valley is one of the most attractive places in Slovenia due to its wild nature and the richness of its fauna and flora. Hiking lovers have a paradise here, as the panoramic views in the valley are most spectacular.

In this marvelous setting, the 140-kilometer-long Soca course winds its way through white stones. It is also the dream place for fishing enthusiasts, since the so-called Soca trout, native to the place, lives in its waters.

Sports on the river

The river is perfect for practicing water sports. In fact, many tourists who are fond of this type of activity come there to enjoy its slopes and descents . Hydrospeed, canyoning or kayaking are some of the sports that you can practice on the Soca River. And for the calmest, interesting rubber boat tours .

Any approach to this emerald green river (it maintains this incredible color throughout its journey) will be exciting. Its magnetism and beauty are such that in 2008 its surroundings served as the setting for some scenes in the film The Chronicles of Narnia .