The best beaches in the UK

Those who travel to the United Kingdom do so mainly to discover cities such as London, Manchester, Glasgow or many more, as well as to see the wonderful landscapes and monuments that are in every corner. But in addition to that, there are also many beaches, although they may not be as well known as the rest of the attractions of any of the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

If you want to know some of the best beaches in the United Kingdom , here is a compilation of 5 of them, which are a perfect sample of the type of beach you can find there. Take note:


It is a beach that measures almost 10 kilometers in length, and it is one of the favorite beaches of Londoners, who go to it as soon as a ray of sun rises. There you can find several hotels and resorts for all kinds of budgets, and they are the perfect place for a little getaway. You can travel to this city by train from Victoria Station.

St. Brelade

It is one of the most spectacular beaches in the country and is on the island of Jersey . Many English people go on vacation during the summer. It also has some of the most famous hotel resorts in the UK.


It measures 4 kilometers in length and is one of the favorite beaches for surfers since the conditions for this sport are fantastic. In addition, there are courses for beginners and the landscape is very beautiful.

St. Ives

In this city there are four great beaches, all of them with crystal clear waters and fine golden sand. These beaches are of different types, great for families, with waves for surfing or more intimate for being as a couple. In the area there are usually exhibitions of various artists, both local and international.


This city is in Wales and has a beautiful 4-kilometer-long beach. In addition, it is a very complete city in which there is much more than the beach, so it is perfect to know all its history and monuments.