Travel to Sibiu in Romania

Romania is one of the European countries that has grown the most in terms of tourism in recent years, thanks not only to how much it has to offer but also to the fact that it is much cheaper to travel there than to countries with much more fame such as France. UK, Germany or even Spain. Very few people know cities beyond Bucharest, its capital, or Vaslui, its two most famous cities.

Today I would like to write about a city practically unknown to everyone but one that is beautiful: Sibiu , a city where you will find many places of interest, all of them of great beauty. It belongs to the Transylvania region, so I’m sure now that you know this you already place it much better. Being in this land of vampire legend is also one of its great attractions.

What to see

The historic center is one of the most striking parts of the city, but it has nothing to do with the old quarters that we are used to seeing. In Sibiu, this area is very colorful thanks to the fact that the color in pastel tones invades the facades of almost all the buildings, which makes it also something very original. This area is divided into two parts, the Lower Town and the Upper Town, the first of which was formerly used for factories and the other, the more commercial one.

In the Lower City there are few tourist attractions, highlighting a church built in 1386. In the so-called Upper City is where you find more interesting places to visit, such as the Brukenthal Palace, the Jesuit Church, the Blue House or the Big Square. Any church is one of the great attractions of any place in the Transylvania region.