Travel to Benalmádena, Malaga

Benalmádena is one of the most famous towns in Andalusia, especially on the Costa del Sol. It is in the province of Malaga , about 20 kilometers south of the capital. The most striking thing is that it is divided into three very different urban centers: Benalmádena Pueblo, Benalmádena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel. The first of them is the typical Andalusian town of star streets, the second is the most touristy, while the last is a district that is the economic center and has the train station.

This municipality acquired a lot of fame in the 60s, and since then it has been one of the main tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol , with beaches, a marina and a multitude of leisure places so that there is no lack of entertainment. But not everything is beach tourism, there are many very interesting places, such as monuments or museums.

What to see

Santo Domingo Church : it is in Benalmádena Pueblo and it is one of the most beautiful churches in Andalusia. It was built in the 17th century.

Jardines de El Muro : it is next to the previous church and has a spectacular viewpoint, in which the Canarian César Manrique designed these gardens, which have the sea as a background.

Felipe Orlando Pre-Columbian Art Museum : it is in the center of Benalmádena Pueblo and is a very important cultural space in the area. It houses the most important collection of pre-Columbian art in the entire province and one of the most important in Spain.

benalmadena-cable car
Castillo Bil-Bil : it is next to the beach and it is an Arab-style castle with exquisite decoration. From the outside you can enjoy the best beach views of the municipality.

Stupa of Enlightenment : it is a Buddhist stupa, the largest in the western part of the world and is topped by a golden cone.

Watchtowers : these are the Torrequebrada, Torremuelle and Torrebermeja towers, and they belong to the defensive zone that was used to prevent pirate attacks centuries ago.

Aula del Mar : it is an aquarium in which there is a great exhibition of marine fauna. There are various environmental education activities.


Benalmádena has almost 20 kilometers of coastline, with a total of 17 beaches, including Arroyo Hondo , Bil-Bil, Carvajar, La Morena, Fuente de la Salud, Arroyo de la Miel, Las Viborillas, Melilleros, Torremuelle or Santa Ana. All the beaches are accessed by a promenade that goes from one end of the municipality to another, where there are many beach bars, bars, shops, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment venues.