The best beaches in Malaga

One of the main tourist destinations in our country is Malaga , an Andalusian city that has a perfect mix of beaches and places of interest to enjoy a very varied vacation. Endless beaches with different characteristics so that you can find the one that best suits your needs, as well as countless leisure offers so that your day at the beach has no room for boredom.

The most famous beach in Malaga is La Malagueta beach, a very exclusive beach where there are even golf courses on the seashore, as well as a huge spa where you can relax. Fine white sand that melts with the warm waters (sometimes also cold) that make this beach perfect for families, couples, groups of friends or a single person. In the area there are bars, restaurants and various entertainment venues.

Near that beach there are two more, La Misericordia beach and San Andrés beach, both having a lot of leisure options and which are perfect for lovers of water sports. In any of them you can practice sports such as surfing, sailing or diving, also having the option of hiring a sports guide to make the experience much better.

In Baños del Carmen you will find one of the most exotic beaches in the area, a true paradise with diverse landscapes and spectacular ecosystems. It is ideal for people who prefer a remote beach that is not urban. Here there are also cliffs and rocks, which leaves a spectacular landscape. Best of all, it is not very crowded, so you can relax quietly without many people around you.