The attractions of Terra Mitica

Have you had the opportunity to visit Terra Mítica? Well then you will know that this theme park based on the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean is ideal for both adults and children. Located in Benidorm (Alicante), it is divided into three areas (Egypt, Greece and Rome), which reproduce details that existed in these civilizations and cultures.

How could it be otherwise, inside the park you can find shops and restaurants. In addition, you will enjoy a lot of shows. Of course, without a doubt, what we like the most are its attractions. Therefore, today we wanted to talk to you about them. Would you like to join us?


In Terra Mitica you can find attractions for all audiences. For example, adrenaline lovers will be able to find the most exciting proposals. Among them is Inferno, a roller coaster that will make you feel like a ball flying at 60 km / h. Of course, you will reach a higher speed (100 km / h) in The Flight of the Phoenix, a fall from 45 meters in height in less than 3 seconds.

The flight of fenix
For the hottest days, nothing like Triton’s Fury, a route that brings together mythology, vertigo and two refreshing dips; and the Nile Falls, a water roller coaster from which you will get soaked. And although it is also designed for children, Los Ícaros is also exciting. We are talking about three rows of swings that offer spectacular views.

We also have to talk about Syncope, a disk that rotates at 90 km / h at a height of 35 meters. And one of our favorite attractions is Titánide, an inverted roller coaster that reaches 100 km / h between spectacular 360º turns.



Of course, in Terra Mítica you will also find attractions and areas designed for families. This is the case of the Port of Alexandria, which allows you to enjoy wonderful views from the Seker and Henu ships. Of course, now that summer is just around the corner, adults and children may prefer to be in the Nile River, the Nile Jacuzzi and the Lagoon, three spaces designed for fun and relaxation for the whole family.

Nile river
Pan’s Labyrinth is also designed for families, an attraction in which you can defeat the terrible Minotaur with the help of laser light guns. As for the Tornado, it is an 80-meter-high tower from which flying chairs that rotate at different intensities and heights hang.

For its part, the Temple of Kinetos, which is dominated by a sculpture of Zeus, is actually a 5D cinema , which has an exclusive and avant-garde system that allows you to experience incredible sensations in the first person.



Finally, we want to tell you about the children’s attractions in the park that, how could it be otherwise, are the most fun. One of the ones that the little ones in the house like the most is Alucinakis, a wooden roller coaster whose rails and structure reproduce the rails that crossed the Roman mines.

In Rotundus, a children’s wheel ideal for the whole family, children will be able to contemplate the Roman square from a bird’s eye view; while in Akuatiti they will enjoy a walk through the Nile Falls sitting in two-seater sarcophagi. Of course, so that the little ones do not get scared, it does not offer the falls of its older sister. Also, the turns are not as soggy as at the Nile Falls.

Finally, you should know that the smallest of the house will also be able to enjoy a free fall like that of the Phoenix Flight. They can do it in Ayquesustus, although, logically, the height is much lower: 6 meters.

Photographs: Terra Mítica