Essential visits in Tarragona

On the shores of the Mediterranean, on the Costa Dorada, we find the wonderful city of Tarragona, which among extensive beaches offers an important monumental legacy, housing overwhelming medieval, modernist and contemporary ruins and architecture. Of course, its archaeological site deserves a separate mention, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . And we must not forget that Tarraco was the capital of a huge Roman province and that the emperor himself lived within its walls for two years.

Of course, the city of Tarragona is also an ideal place to enjoy good gastronomy and a wide range of leisure and culture. If we have convinced you that visiting the capital of the homonymous province is a good idea, you should take a look at what we tell you below, since we are going to tell you about its 10 main points of interest.

Roman amphitheater

Roman amphitheater
First of all, we want to talk about the Roman Amphitheater, a Roman building built very close to the sea. Built in the 2nd century, it was intended for shows such as gladiatorial fights. It is important to note that a Visigothic basilica was built on the building in the 6th century and a Romanesque church in the 12th century.

Colonial forum of Tarraco

Roman Forum
We also want to talk about the Colonial Forum of Tarraco, the space where the administrative and commercial affairs of the Roman city were developed.

Roman circus

Roman circus
In the Provincial Forum of Tarraco, an immense monumental complex, which housed the main buildings of the city, we find the Roman Circus of Tarraco, intended for horse and chariot races, it is considered among the best preserved circuses in the West. During the visit you will be able to discover the Praetorium , a tower that allowed access from the lower city to the Forum.

Archaeological Walk

Archaeological Walk
The one known as the Archaeological Walk of Tarragona could not be missing from this list, which circulates between the Roman wall and the false modern braga. Walking through this place you will discover the 1,100 meters of wall that are still preserved and beautiful gardens, as well as the Torre del Arzobispo and that of Minerva.

National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona

If you are interested in knowing more details about Roman Tarragona, you will have to visit the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona (MNAT), which houses many elements of its rich past. The MNAT also manages the Paleo-Christian Museum and Necropolis, the Roman villa of Cencelles, the Roman villa of Els Munts, the monuments of Arco de Bará and the Torre de Escipiones, and the Roman theater.


We leave Tarraco to focus on the most medieval Tarragona. And it is that one of the main points of interest of the city is its Cathedral. We are referring to the Cathedral Basilica Metropolitana y Primada de Santa Tecla, built in the early Gothic style.

Rambla Nova

We continue our tour of this beautiful Catalan city on Rambla Nova, its main promenade and the center of civic life, housing a multitude of terraces, restaurants, shops, the headquarters of different corporations … In addition, you will discover some examples of architecture from the second half 19th and 20th century.

Mediterranean balcony

At the end of Rambla Nova is the Balcón del Mediterráneo, located about 40 meters above sea level. As you can imagine, it offers some wonderful views .


In Tarragona there are also several squares that are worth visiting. Special mention should be made of the Plaza de la Fuente (Plaça de la Font in Catalan), which occupies a quarter of the arena of the ancient Roman circus.

The Seraglio

Finally, we want to talk about El Serrallo, a typical fishing village, where in the afternoon the fish that is caught throughout the day is auctioned. This picturesque area has its own personality and plenty of charming restaurants , where, of course, you can taste exquisite fish and seafood.

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