Cruising the Nile

If the Nile River could speak, what would it say? After watching the fall of different civilizations and the legends that surround it, I am sure you would have a lot to tell. A trip to discover the Nile is a unique experience. Travel agencies recommend us to get to know the Nile through a river cruise. Your main travel companion should be your camera.

Nile cruises allow you to visit a wide variety of places and scenes along the banks. You can find the last ancient temples and bustling harbors, rice paddies and date palms and people witnessing the passing of life in such a spectacular region. The views from your cruise ship will be as exciting as they are historical. The boats, often called floating hotels , offer the best entertainment on board, with their own shows.

Often guests are invited to don traditional clothing to participate in the festivities. Other Nile tours can be made on traditional Egyptian sailing ships, or even vintage steamboats like the Sudan SS, where Agatha Christie’s novel "Death on the Nile" was filmed. The most interesting stretch of the river is in Upper Egypt between Luxor and Aswan.

This part has one of the largest concentrations of ancient temples and palaces in the world. A cruise upriver reveals a layered landscape : mud and reeds, date palms clinging to banks, buffalo puffing in the waters, children playing soccer along the shoreline, farmers carrying pack mules, fields, etc.