A trip to the Canary Islands through its gastronomy

Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain , being also one of the main points of attraction for international tourists. On more than one occasion, we have talked about the attractions they have such as their beaches, natural pools, trail routes, flora, fauna, customs, stories and legends … But the archipelago offers much more. A different way is to explore it through its gastronomy , which is very rich and varied. But what can you eat on each island?


The wrinkled potatoes are the most typical dish of the Canary Islands, eaten in all of them, although you can find differences in the mojo picón with which they are accompanied because it has some variations on each island. Besides, each chef also has his personal touch.

This dish is based on potatoes that are grown in the volcanic lands of the archipelago, which gives them a characteristic texture and flavor. Traditionally, they are cooked boiled in their skin and with a lot of salt, serving them with mojo picón. But, be careful, you must not make the mistake of peeling them, since most of their flavor is lost.

And, of course, we have to talk about mojo picón , which is a spicy sauce, which is made with garlic, olive oil, red or green pepper, cumin, salt and vinegar. In addition, the green mojo includes coriander or parsley. This sauce is the most traditional in the archipelago and always accompanies wrinkled potatoes. However, it is also served with other dishes.

Canary Islands
Very popular is the gofio . If you order this dish, you can taste a flour made from toasted grains of wheat or millet. The truth is that it is used in many dishes or as a base to make other foods. For example, with gofio, dumplings are made for soups, sauce and ice cream, although the escaldón de gofio stands out, which consists of gofio mixed with a broth made with a fish base.

Another dish, perhaps less well known, is the Canarian ranch . A noodle soup made with chicken, pork, chickpeas, and a varied selection of vegetables and potatoes is served under this name.

Canarian gastronomy also includes the dish called old clothes . In this case, we will have on the table a stew that has been cooked with chicken, pork or beef with vegetables. It also includes chickpeas and, of course, the famous potatoes. Normally, this dish is made with leftovers from other foods, which gives it its name and makes it difficult for it to always taste the same. Every home and restaurant does it differently.

The gastronomic route also has to take us to eat chicken and rabbit with salmorejo . The key to this dish is the marinade of the meat with garlic and its cooked in white wine and seasoned with cumin, oregano, paprika and thyme.

You cannot leave the Canary Islands without having tried the pork marinade . The sauce or adobo is a marinated sauce of paprika, oregano, garlic, salt and sherry vinegar. This sauce is used with the pork meat cooked over low heat, being very tender.

And, finally, we include in this list the canary stew . This stew is similar to the Madrid stew, although it has some differences. The main one is in the ingredients. In Canarian cuisine, pumpkin, cabbage, sweet potato, pork and cow are used. For the rest, it is eaten like the Madrilenian. That is, first the soup and then the meat and vegetables of the stew.

They are just some of the most typical dishes because Canarian gastronomy is very varied. For example, do not forget to try the characteristic fish of your area and its waters or its cheeses , among other delicacies.