The most important buildings in New York

New York is one of the most visited cities in the world year after year. Nobody is surprised that it is like that, since it has all the incentives that attract a tourist at any time of the year.

One of those attractions has to do with the fantastic buildings that can be found in the Big Apple. Many of them are iconic and we have seen them in numerous Hollywood movies. We will talk to you about the five most famous below.

Empire state building

Its construction ended in 1931, which is when it was inaugurated, and for four decades it was the tallest building in the world thanks to its 443 meters high . It ceased to be so when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were built, but today it remains one of the main attractions of the American city. In addition, due to its great height, we also usually mention it when giving important advice not to get lost in the city , since you can see it from everywhere.

Fortunately for lovers of heights, there are two viewpoints to contemplate simply spectacular views of New York. They are on floors 86 and 102 , which can be accessed from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. paying a price of 32 dollars (26 dollars for children).

Chrysler Building

It is not as tall as the Empire State Building because its ceiling is 320 meters high, but there is no denying that it has something special. It has it because of the design of its facade full of hubcaps as ornaments and gargoyles made with the same material as car radiators, something that is no coincidence considering that the automobile entrepreneur Walter P. Chrysler was the one who gave the spot. good to your build. It is another classic of American cinema.

Flatiron Building

Another essential is the Flatiron building, and that does not stand out especially for its height. Originally called the Fuller Building, it measures "only" 87 meters and has 22 floors. It is an office building and that explains why you cannot visit the inside. However, the best of all is to contemplate its narrow and elevated form by a corner that they built in 1902.


One World Trade Center

We can take an excursion to Washington to see something else besides New York, but first we cannot pass up the opportunity to see the One World Trade Center, which is the enormous 541-meter-high building that was built in the place where there were the Twin Towers. It is the highest in the city and has a viewpoint between floors 100 and 102 , which is where the spectacular One World Observatory is located. The entrance, yes, has a cost of 55 dollars.

Grand Central Terminal

We shouldn’t end without first mentioning the New York train and subway station. It is not exactly a tall building, but it has a special charm that can be felt both from the inside and from the outside. Its Beaux Arts style , emerged from 20th century France, leaves you simply impressed. The dome is painted green and features numerous astronomical motifs. You will have been able to verify it yourself in person or in the many films that have decided to record some of their scenes there.