Girona guide

Girona is in Catalonia, in the northwest of Spain, and has about 100,000 inhabitants. A city steeped in history in every street and with a lot of old houses that contrast with the new buildings, achieving a very striking effect. It is a walled city that has existed since Roman times.

Here is a brief guide to Girona so that you know everything there is to know if you visit the city. Take note:

Strolling around : If you like to stroll and stroll through the cities you visit then you will be in an ideal place since it is not very big and it is very easy to see. You can take a tour of the Passeig Arqueològic, where there are still remains of the Roman road that linked the city to Rome. Following that wall you will find very interesting neighborhoods with various monuments and places of interest.

Girona Cathedral : It was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is in the Gothic style, except for its west face, which is in the Catalan Baroque style. It is the widest cathedral in Europe and has a spectacular marble throne made when Charlemagne’s troops took the city in 785.

Church and Convent of Sant Pere de Galligants : It is a beautiful Benedictine convent from the 10th century with a church built in the 12th century, both in Romanesque style. Inside is the Archaeological Museum.

Museum of the History of the City : It is in an old convent that still preserves the remains of its cemetery. Here there are collections with musical, scientific and all kinds of instruments.
Art Museum : It is in an old Episcopal Palace and has one of the most important collections in Catalonia in terms of sculptures, paintings and religious objects, coming from various churches or monasteries that disappeared during the war.

Banys Arabs : They are the famous Arab Baths and are from the 12th century. They keep several of their rooms, such as the clothes, the swimming pool, the enclosures for baths and the steam rooms. They are very well preserved although they have not been used since the 15th century.

Cinema Museum : A fantastic place that movie lovers will especially fall in love with. It tells the history of cinema for more than 500 years and has an extensive collection of the Catalan filmmaker Tomás Mallol with more than 30,000 pieces.

Gastronomy : It is excellent thanks to the large number of natural products available in the area, in addition to the fact that the chefs here have always had a reputation for being one of the best. One of the great characteristics of Girona’s cuisine is that it mixes products from the sea with those from the mountains, as in the case of its famous ‘chicken with lobster’, which achieves a spectacular contrast of flavors. The most successful dishes are those made from fish and shellfish, veal, lamb, duck or chicken.