Visit the Crimean seaside resorts on the Black Sea

Crimea is located in southern Ukraine. It is a small peninsula located on the north coast of the Black Sea of ​​just 26,200 km, with coasts where ports and bays abound. It has a varied landscape between mountains and deserts. In the areas near the mountains the landscape dazzles when the apple trees and vineyards bloom. The population is dedicated to fishing, mining and oil production.

With a rich history , Crimea was throughout history occupied by many cultures such as the Russians who occupied it for some time and made it the resting destination of the Russian nobility and the imperial family. During this time, beautiful castles and luxurious buildings were left in the landscape that delineate the rural landscape of Crimea.
But to the Crimea you can escape to enjoy a relaxing and healthy holiday as there are a number of spas that enjoy international fame. Its climate is semi-tropical. Its beaches are of golden sand where you can enjoy a lot on sunny days. In addition to its spas, you cannot miss discovering its set of caves , called Valle de Fantasmas, where there are labyrinths of exceptional beauty.

Also, you can take the opportunity to spend a few days in nearby Sevastopol , a tourist destination of great relevance in the European summer. In a world full of possibilities to travel to, why not get away from the beautiful but too everyday destinations and make a unique and relaxing stay in the beautiful and historical Crimea?