The best carnivals in the world

Now that we are immersed in the carnival celebration , it is time to talk about this very special and colorful festival. An event that is celebrated in many parts of the world and that arrives in February to brighten up winter a bit. Although the way of celebrating it is different in each country or, rather, in each city, everyone shares the joy, debauchery and passion for costumes.

Therefore, I would like to review the best carnivals in the world. Each one of them, by tradition, festivities and tourist attraction, becomes a unique festival worthy of being enjoyed to the fullest. Here I tell you some curiosities of the most famous carnivals.

In Europe

One of the oldest and most famous is the Venice Carnival , in Italy. Although its origin is older, it lived its greatest apogee during the 18th century. It was born as a way for the nobility to coexist with the common people. During the ten days it lasted, aristocrats and princes dressed up to go out and enjoy the most popular atmosphere. Today the costumes are usually 18th Venetian period costumes, and the mask is its most important element.

And what about the Carnivals of Tenerife , with its riot of color. It has been a Festival of International Tourist Interest since 1980 and, together with the one in Cádiz, the most famous in Spain. In London, the Notting Hill Carnival stands out, although it is celebrated in summer, on the last Sunday of August.

In America

In the American continent there are several noteworthy carnivals, but the one that takes the cake is that of Rio de Janeiro , in Brazil, with its famous parades of samba schools . Dancers prepare throughout the year for these colorful and music-filled performances.

We must also talk about the New Orleans carnival , in the US Known as Mardi Gras, it is of French origin. It lasts two weeks in which parades are held daily. And we cannot fail to mention the carnival in the Paraguayan city of Encarnación , which attracts nearly 30,000 tourists every February. The one in Veracruz , in Mexico, has been celebrated since 1866 and is also very famous.