Travel to Almuñécar, Granada

One of the most beautiful municipalities in Andalusia is Almuñécar , which is located in the province of Granada, on the so-called Costa Tropical. It is about 80 kilometers south of Granada city, and has its origin back in 1500 BC Today there are still many remains of the Roman civilization that passed through Almuñécar years ago, highlighting the aqueduct, which is more than 7 kilometers long .

In the old town there are several vaulted naves, among which the Cueva de Siete Palacios stands out, which currently houses the Municipal Archaeological Museum. A very interesting place where you will find a lot to see and do, such as numerous beaches, beautiful monuments or luxury gastronomy.

Places of interest

The most interesting thing is the Roman Aqueduct , but there are many more places that are worth seeing and photographing. Among them are the Torre del Monje Columbarium, the Albina Columbarium, the Castillo de San Miguel, the Municipal Archaeological Museum, the Virgen de la Encarnación Church, the Bonsai Museum-Garden, the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs or the Aquarium . In addition, there are several natural places that are worthwhile, such as the Peña Escrita Nature Park, the El Majuelo Botanical Park, the Mediterranean Park or the Ornithological Park.

Their beaches

A few months ago I wrote an article about the beaches of Almuñécar, but in summary I will say that the most interesting are Cabria, Calabajío , Velilla, Puerta del Mar, San Cristóbal , Fenicia, Marina del Este or Cotobro. All of them have all kinds of services so that you do not miss anything, in addition to having different characteristics to adapt to all tourists.


You cannot leave Almuñécar without trying its gastronomy, delicious and very particular, although with a very Andalusian stamp. It focuses on the use of local products such as fish, vegetables and olive oil , the great delicacies that are produced there. Among the fish that can be found the most are groupers, snapper, sea bream, bream, conger eel or blacksmith, protagonists of dishes such as potatoes with dogfish , fish soup, tuna onions, grilled fish, fried foods or moragas.

Typical dishes include salamander, fried pumpkin, avocado with prawns, toasted garlic soup, sardine skewers, chicken breast stuffed with mango, mohina casserole, meat pancakes with avocado or shrimp salad with mango.