What to see in Granada

Any corner of Andalusia has a special magic that makes you fall in love as soon as you step on it, be it a big city or a small town. Years ago I made a route through several Andalusian cities and there is a city with which I was delighted. It is Granada , a city that has so many things to offer that you would need several days to be able to soak up all its monuments and activities, as well as being able to taste all its gastronomy, exquisite as in any other place in Spain and with many peculiarities.

It is clear that if we talk about Granada and its places of interest, the first thing we refer to is the Alhambra , famous all over the world and a spectacular place that you cannot miss and where you will see several palaces and gardens that will take you to other times and that will make you visit all its facilities with your mouth open. It has to be your first point of visit, so take advantage of the fact that you are in that area to wander around and discover a multitude of places of great cultural interest.

Of the other places of interest, you should visit the Cathedral of Granada , the old Barrio del Realejo (formerly occupied by Muslims), the Monastery of the Cartuja, the Albaicín (old neighborhood of the Nasrid), the Sacromonte and a lot of squares and narrow streets where you can take a walk and discover unusual places that do not appear in the guides. At night, nothing better than going to a flamenco tablao to discover all Andalusian art in its purest form.

Among the many cultural activities in Granada, you can enjoy the International Music and Dance Festival , the Jazz Festival or the Hocus Pocus Magic Festival. Everything and for all tastes, without a doubt your days in Granada will be full of leisure both day and night. In addition, its Holy Week is declared International Tourist Interest, so if you go on those dates try to see all the events you can, they are really spectacular.