Tutankhamun’s tomb in Dublin

Egyptian culture has left us great characters who are undoubtedly already part of world history. One of them is the pharaoh Tutankhamun , whose remains are temporarily exposed in Dublin , in addition to many of the treasures that belonged to him. So your trip to Ireland can be more spectacular than ever if you go before July 24, the date on which this exhibition will close.

The exhibition is called " Tutankhamun, his tomb and his treasures " and immerses visitors in a fascinating journey through time in which they will discover a lot of history about ancient Egypt and also learn about the discovery of the forgotten tomb of this pharaoh who died at just 19 years of age and under quite mysterious circumstances.

In this exhibition there are more than 4,000 square meters that include the most innovative technology to bring to life the history of Tutankhamun and the fascinating Egyptian world with all its culture, spirituality, its gods, mysteries and funerary cults. In addition, there are also replicas of more than 1,000 funerary remains that have been very meticulously reproduced to scale by the best craftsmen in Egypt to make everything much more real. Among the many objects that are exposed you can see a lot of jewels, amulets , chests, cult objects, trunks, weapons, chairs, a golden cart, altars, masks and much more.

This exhibit at the RDS Industries Show on Merrion Road is definitely worth stopping by. Prices vary depending on your age and the day you visit, if it is from Monday to Friday you will pay € 16 as an adult and € 8 if you are between 5 and 16 years old. On weekends that price increases by € 2. In addition, you have family tickets for four people for € 39 with a maximum of two adults.