Tourism in Alicante

Summertime arrives and we all begin to think about sun, beach and vacations . Many people decide to go to distant beaches, in other countries, when in ours we have a lot of places that can make our vacations an unforgettable memory, as well as being much cheaper. One of these places is Alicante , which every year receives thousands of tourists who enjoy countless offers so that their stay in this beautiful town is to your liking.

It is on the Costa Blanca , in the Mediterranean, and despite being small it has a wide variety of offers for all tourists, there you will not get bored. If you want to rest you can, and if you want "life" you will also have it. Alicante’s beaches are fantastic and there is a great variety to choose from, plus you can stroll through many special places for it, such as Postiguet beach , the port area or the Esplanade of Spain. In the port area is where there is more movement at all hours since there are several bars and cafes. If you want to take a good walk, very close to the center there is a 6-kilometer promenade that connects the beaches of Campello and San Juan.

As for the monuments of Alicante , there are castles that are spectacular, such as the Castillo de San Fernando or the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, from where you have spectacular views of the Postiguet beach, the port and the city center. Ideal for taking panoramic photos. The Town Hall is also very beautiful since it is in an 18th century palace. If you like religious tourism, or even if you don’t like it, you can visit the Monastery of Santa Faz , the Church of Santa María or the Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás.

Of course, in Alicante you also have several museums, such as the Insured Museum (contemporary art with works by Dalí, Miró or Picasso), the MARQ Archaeological Museum or the MUA University Museum, where there are very interesting exhibitions that make it the museum. most interesting university in the country. You cannot leave Alicante without going through Lucentum , which is where the Iberian Roman remains are, which are the first antecedent of civilization in the city.