Tourism in Jaen

Jaén , capital of the province of the same name, is in Andalusia and is also very beautiful although not as famous as many other cities in this Community and which are so well known in many parts of the world. It has about 120,000 inhabitants and its province is the least populated in all of Andalusia with a figure of around 630,000 inhabitants. As for the city, in the old quarter the historical aroma that transmits the past of the city is preserved, especially in the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, where the largest collection of Iberian objects in the world is collected and in the Municipal Museum of Jaén where there is also a unique collection of sculptures from 500 BC.

The spectacular Castillo de Santa Catalina presides over the city from above and was built during the Muslim occupation. There you will not only see a spectacular building but you will have wonderful views. Other places of interest in Jaén are the Arco de San Lorenzo (National Monument and which was part of the Medieval Church of San Lorenzo), the Cathedral of Jaén , the Chapel of San Andrés (dedicated to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception) or the Church of the Magdalena. Even if religious tourism is not much for you, I recommend that you visit these places, architecturally speaking they are incredible.

There are also other very beautiful sites such as the Villadompardo Palace, which is currently the headquarters of the Popular Museum of Arts and Customs, the Arab Baths or the Royal Monastery of Santo Domingo. The truth is that it is a very complete city where you can discover very beautiful places.

As in any Spanish city, its gastronomy is delicious and very particular. To eat in Jaén you can start with the "Ajimote", a local specialty that is made with olive oil (the best in all of Spain), vinegar, potatoes and red paprika, spreading all of that on slices of crisp and fresh bread. A delight. Another typical dish is " Pipirrana ", which is something similar to gazpacho and made with tomatoes, finely chopped peppers, breadcrumbs, oil, vinegar and egg yolk.