The best European destinations for a sun and beach vacation

Haven’t booked your beach vacation yet ? Do not worry, if it is for lack of ideas you will solve your problem in a few moments, since in this article I share what in my humble opinion are the best destinations for those who travel in search of sun and sand in which to spend hours and carefree hours. Shall we start?

Dubrovnik, croatia

It is not the capital of Croatia, but it is the most beautiful city in the Balkan country by far. In Dubrovnik you have everything you can look for when you go on summer holidays, especially if you are one of those who enjoy the streets and terraces with atmosphere . The offer of bars and restaurants is very wide, its fortifications are incredible (normal that "Game of Thrones" was filmed there) and there are very beautiful beaches where you can relax. The most central of all is Banje, which is ideal for families. Sv Jakov is a cove no less recommended and 10 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik, on the island of Lokrum Island, you can bathe in virgin beaches surrounded by forest.

Sardinia, Italy

Who doesn’t get long teeth when they see the typical advertisement for a boat that takes you to Sardinia? It is true that the return trip is quite heavy, but it is worth enduring for all that one enjoys when you get there. Good gastronomy, atmosphere (or not, depending on what you are looking for) and probably the best beaches in Europe with the permission of those of the Balearic Islands. Arenales such as La Cinta, La Pelosa or Lu Impostu make this island one of the jewels of the Mediterranean , and the best of all is that traveling there is not expensive at all if you book your boat or plane tickets and rooms in advance. of hotel.

Balearic Islands, Spain

What to say about the Balearic Islands that has not already been said? Millions of tourists come there every summer, and the truth is that I am not surprised by everything they offer. The most popular island internationally is Ibiza . The famous flock there and there are many young people who decide to go there to discover what it feels like in some of its best discos.

Menorca and Formentera are the most relaxed options and the most recommended for those looking for the best beaches in the area. Of course, finding cheap accommodation is practically impossible. Hence, Mallorca is a destination to value, since in addition to having a wide offer with prices for all tastes, it allows you to carry out more activities than the rest of the islands because it is the largest of all. The Cathedral of Mallorca is beautiful and the Drach Caves are well worth a visit during the typical day when it is cloudy or raining and you don’t know where to go.

Corsica, France

It is the most expensive destination of all, but also the most exclusive. In Corsica there are movie beaches and fancy restaurants . You can breathe a different environment from the one you breathe in other places that young people flock to. It is a tourism more familiar and of older people, something that is explained by the purchasing power that is needed to travel there. Neither air travel is cheap nor are accommodation. Despite this, it is compensated by the fact of having very quiet areas that are practically virgin.

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