Travel to Vicenza

High vaults and sculpted arches, cobbled streets with small tunnels, street markets and street vendors, pasta, wine … all this is what this jewel of the Mediterranean offers that is a true treasure for fans of art and culture. Welcome to Vicenza .

Vicenza is located in the northeast of Italy , in Veneto. The closest cities you will find are: Venice (60 km) and Milan (200 km). Vicenza is an economical and lively center that stands out from other well-known cities in Italy. Its most important industries are textiles (silk, cotton, wool), steel, gold, etc.
Agricultural practices are also a key factor in the economy. It is the third industrial center of the country. The rich and abundant traditional Italian cuisine is represented by every corner of Vicenza, with a special Vicentini touch. Typical Vicentini food includes vicentina alla baccalà, cod in sauce and risi e bisi, risotto with Lumignano peas. The city of Vicenza has appeared in the following Hollywood films :

– Don Giovanni (1979)
– I Dreamed of Africa (2000), starring Kim Basinger
– Ripley’s Game (2001), starring John Malkovich and Ray Winstone
– The Merchant of Venice (2004), starring Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino
– Casonova (2005), starring Heath Ledger
The patron saint of Vicenza is the Virgin of Monte Berico or the Blessed Virgin. One of the main monuments of the city is the Basilica of Santa Maria di Monte Bérico , located on the slope of Monte Bérico. The city was suffering a devastating plague, between 1426 and 1428 and the Virgin visited the city two.