The Dutch Keys in Panama

Panama is a very beautiful country in which you find spectacular landscapes and that have a natural beauty worthy of being called paradise. One of these places is called Cayos Holandeses , where you can see that the immensity of the sea merges with the blue of the sky. Spectacular. There are many things you can do here and the places you can discover, so I’ll tell you the most interesting:

– Cayos Holandeses is a place where you can see a lot of yachts and sailboats that take people on excursions to dive on the reefs, to fish or simply to enjoy the scenery and the good weather on the high seas.

– In the Archipelago of San Blas you will be able to see the indigenous people in canoe transporting the different shipments of lobsters, spider crabs and more shellfish that they themselves have caught from the depths, which they do without any special mask. Here you can also see hundreds of white sand islands that line 130 miles of coastline, spectacular.

– If you like snorkeling or diving, you will be in one of the best places in the world to practice it, since you will be able to see hundreds of colorful fish on the rocks or in the sea, which becomes an authentic refuge for marine species.

– One of the best things you can do is rent a boat or yacht to tour the entire Panamanian coast, it will be worth it since you will see a spectacular landscape that only occurs in very lucky places. A good option to spend a whole day with family or friends.

– One of the essential visits is Wichubwala , a small place where you will be as if you lived in prehistory and where there is a small rural house so that you feel closer to this culture. You will not find water here like in the rest of the places, it is the indigenous people who provide it after having extracted it from the wells. Quite an experience.

– All the beaches of the Cayos Holandeses are white sand, and you have a great variety to choose from according to your preferences and what you want to do: surf, fish, relax in the sun … A whole world of possibilities to make your holidays unforgettable.