The best markets in the world

If there is something we like to do when we are traveling, it is to go to a flea market or a market . There we can find everything and take a few typical souvenir things at very good prices. Practically in every town or city in this world there is a market, so today I bring you a compilation of the best ones so that you can visit them if you are going to be in that city, or in case you want to organize your vacations to visit one. These are the considered best markets in the world :

Tsukiji Market in Tokyo : It is the largest fish market in the world and it is a real spectacle, especially if you want to see the tuna pole that takes place at 4:30 in the morning. Here there are also several restaurants where you can eat fresh shushi or sashimi, which you can do from 5 in the morning, although I don’t know if you will get that delicacy at that time.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco : The best day to visit this market is Saturday, which is when there are a lot of stalls with many things, especially organic products such as vegetables, fruit and all the local specialties.

Oaxaca Market in Juárez : Mexico is one of the countries where you can find the best market environment, and also where some of the best in the world are. In Oxaca you can find local crafts, typical products and, of course, eat a good portion of tacos or grasshoppers (a kind of grasshopper that although a priori you don’t like they say they are delicious). In Mexico you also have the 20 de Noviembre Market and the Benito Juárez Market, which completes the three most important in the country.

Mercado Central de Santiago : Opened in the Chilean capital in 1872, there are several restaurants where you can try delicious fish and seafood from the Pacific.