The best cities in the world according to the «World’s Best Cities» ranking

Best Cities has a permanent ranking of cities anchored on its website. They are the best in the world and in total there are 100, although it is true that you can modify the composition of said ranking based on a series of variables that you can select. What variables? Culture, museums, economy, restaurants, shopping, entertainment … The truth is that it is very good, since it helps you choose the perfect destination based on your preferences.

Today I am going to focus on the top 10 in the general ranking, while I take the opportunity to say that Madrid is in eleventh position and Valencia in 86th position.

1- London

The capital of the United Kingdom is a city that has all the necessary ingredients to seduce the tourist. I know very few people who have said that they did not like London. It is true that the weather is not good, but you have a huge range of possibilities to have fun . In addition, despite the fact that many Spaniards usually say that there is terrible food, its restaurants have added 8 new Michelin stars since 2010, so you shouldn’t eat that badly (if you have money, of course).

2- New York

The most populous city in the United States is the one that invites you to live the American dream. There are not a few Europeans who dream of spending a long vacation in the Big Apple, since there are many incentives that await you. You can stroll through Central Park , contemplate incredible views of the city from its skyscrapers or let yourself be seduced by the magic of Broadway, where the shows are constantly being renewed.

3- Paris

What to say about Paris that hasn’t already been said. The capital of France is the most beautiful city in the world, or so I believe in my humble opinion. Not that I have visited more than half the world, but I consider the beauty of the buildings and monuments of the " City of Light " to be unsurpassed. Also, you would never get tired of traveling there because it always catches you with something new.

4- Moscow

In the easternmost part of Europe, with Red Square and the Kremlin as landmarks marked in red, Moscow is a city that is always on the move. This year it will receive the visit of many football fans, as it will host the grand final of the 2018 World Cup organized by FIFA.

5- Tokyo

The ancient capital of Japan remains faithful to its origins, but that does not mean that it continues to transform to be one of the most modern cities on the planet. It has almost 10 million inhabitants and there are zebra crossings that look like demonstrations. Despite this, it is worth spending a few days in the city that will host the 2020 Olympic Games , either to hallucinate with its architecture, to relax in its urban parks or to go shopping.

6- Singapore

In Singapore you live very well. You can see that it is a very powerful city on an economic level, something that can be appreciated contemplating the huge business buildings that have been built there. In addition, they want to grow big, investing in research and development, which is why it is not surprising that there are more and more restaurants with Michelin stars in the area.

7- Dubai

If you live well in Singapore, you live even better in Dubai. That is if you are one of those who have money, of course, since it is one of the most luxurious places in the world, if not the most luxurious. Also, do not forget that there is the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa . From its 828 meters high, it is easy to see that where luxury ends, the desert begins and supercars give way to camels.

8- Barcelona

It is the only Spanish city that appears in the Top 10 of this «World’s Best Cities» ranking. Architecture such as that of Gaudí, beaches such as Mar Bella or typical dishes of Barcelona such as the sausage with mongetes make it the claim of millions of foreign tourists year after year. Strolling through its main arteries, enjoying a very grateful climate for much of the year, helps you discover its history and understand that it is a cosmopolitan city with much to discover.

9- San Francisco

It has always lived in the shadow of New York, but it is still one of the main tourist attractions in North America thanks to the Golden Gate , but also thanks to its beaches and those steep streets that seem to reach the sky. Nor should we forget that there is Silicon Valley, where some of the most cutting-edge technology companies on the globe were born and continue to be born.

10- Chicago

This list with the 10 best cities in the world is closed by another representative from the United States. Chicago is known for the many entertainment options it offers, for the music festivals it hosts, and for how well it does in the food industry . In addition, it is a modern city that does not therefore renounce a musical genre as old as the blues.

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