The beauty of Montserrat, one of the symbols of Catalonia

Those who travel to Barcelona should not only wear street clothes to visit one of the best cities in the world. It is important to be prepared for something else, for an adventure in the mountains like the one that involves visiting Montserrat, whose charm can be enjoyed throughout its 50 square kilometers.

Its highest point, which is 1,236 meters high, is not usually the objective of those who visit Montserrat. It is beautiful to contemplate it from below, since it has a very peculiar shape that has earned it the nickname " the mountain of a hundred peaks ".

A benchmark in many ways

Montserrat is also a natural park that has become a symbol of Catalonia on a cultural and religious level. Religious because there is the Virgin of Montserrat, which is also known as La Moreneta and is visible to everyone in the monastery. Pope Leo XIII declared her the patron saint of the dioceses of Catalonia in 1881, and it is so important that it even has its own holiday: April 27.

In the same way that the facade is spectacular, the interior of Montserrat is also worth photographing. More than anything for its famous underground cavities, of which the Salnitre Caves and the Cold Cave of Collbat贸 should be highlighted.

Another chapter that deserves a separate mention is its flora and fauna. In Montserrat, wherever you move, you will see endemic plants and animals such as wild boars, snakes, wild goats, Bonelli’s eagles, hawks, squirrels, marten … It is a perfect place to enjoy nature , and the best of all is that from Barcelona capital you arrive in an hour by car and in less than two hours with public transport.

Gastronomy of the area

After taking a walk around Montserrat you will be tired, so I recommend you recharge your batteries by sinking your teeth into the famous Montserrat kill ( Montserrat cottage cheese), which is still made by hand in a town in the Bages region called Marganell.

Said cottage cheese is wonderful, but it is not the only one. You should also try the sweets from Collbat贸 and the typical artisan cocas from Monistrol

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