Travel to Montserrat

Montserrat is a quiet island, where you can relax taking long walks. During these walks, you will be able to observe the different birds that live in the area. You can also do other activities such as snorkeling or enjoying a couple of drinks playing a game of dominoes with the island’s inhabitants.
This small island in the Caribbean suffered a devastating misfortune when its volcano, the Soufrière Hills, erupted in 1995. Later in 1997 it also produced panic throughout the area. Almost half of the island is uninhabited, including the capital, Plymouth, which today remains half submerged in volcanic ash and mud. The effects of the volcano were not limited only to physical destruction; Montserrat’s economy was severely damaged, and around two-thirds of the population left the island.
The volcano is still active, but this in itself is an attraction for tourists looking for something beyond the usual experience of enjoying a Caribbean with great beaches and luxury resorts. Believe it or not, the gastronomic options in Montserrat are very varied, with a great selection of international and local specialties. Most of the bars serve imported beers, spirits and wines. The regional specialties are:

– Salt fish
– Mountain chicken . Actually what is served are large pieces of meat from a typical frog of the area, so do not think that what you are going to eat in this dish is chicken.
Pumpkin soup.
– Breaded aubergines