The best beaches of Almuñecar in Granada

Almuñécar is a municipality in the province of Granada that has about 30,000 inhabitants and is located on the coast, on the shores of the Mediterranean. It borders other Granada municipalities such as Jete, Otívar, Ítrabo and Salobreña, as well as with the Malaga municipality of Nerja. It is a perfect place to go on vacation in summer since it has a very good climate and also 15 beaches to choose from, almost all of them with many services and with very interesting things to offer to its visitors.

Choosing the best beaches in Almuñecar is a bit difficult since they are all fantastic, but it could be said that the ones that I detail below are the most successful:

Playa de la Herradura : it has a length of just over 2 kilometers and its width is 40 meters. It is an urban and family beach that has a high occupancy thanks to the fact that it is very well located. It has a boardwalk, the sand is dark and the water very calm. Among the services that you can find in it are access for the disabled, bus stop, parking, showers, wastebaskets, hammocks and umbrellas and various sports activities. There is an area where diving is done.

Playa de los Berengueles : it is tiny, only 250 meters long, and 40 meters wide. It is next to the Port of Marina del Este and it is beautiful since it has a lot of vegetation around it. It is semi-urban and its occupation is usually high. The waters are calm and the sand is dark, and it has services such as parking, walkways, hammocks, umbrellas and rental of various nautical equipment.

Cala de Cantarrijan : it is almost 400 meters long and 40 meters wide. It belongs to a Protected Natural Area. It is ideal if you are looking for tranquility since it is an isolated beach, and nudism is allowed there. The waters are calm and the sand dark, and there are services such as toilets, parking, umbrellas, hammocks or telephones.

Playa del Cotobro : it measures just over 300 meters and is only 17 meters wide, although despite that its occupation is high. It is urban and the waters are calm, with dark sand. There are various services such as bus stop, WC, parking, showers or telephones.

San Cristóbal Beach : also called Playa de la China, it is one kilometer long and about 50 meters wide. The services available include disabled access, bus stop, WC, parking, showers, walkways, hammocks, umbrellas or rental of nautical equipment.