Additional charges from airlines

American Airlines
American Airlines announced a few days ago a new offer specially designed for the most “loaded” travelers. And it is that the company offers its passengers a delivery service of up to ten suitcases if they are willing to pay an additional charge. The luggage will be taken to the passenger’s destination, be it a hotel, home or the place he prefers for an additional cost of $ 29.95 for one suitcase, $ 39.95 for two, and $ 49.95 for a maximum of 10.

The suitcases will be delivered within the first four hours of the arrival of the flight to destinations that are located a maximum of 65 km from the airport. The service is also available for distances further from the airport but the price increases by one dollar per kilometer and delivery may take longer.

The service is available from today in more than 200 airports in the United States and in some international destinations as well as Aruba, Dublin, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. In recent years, airlines have increased their offer of additional products and services . These services range from the seats with legroom, to priority boarding or wireless internet connection on board.

According to a study published earlier this year by IdeaWorksCompany, an airline consultant and Amadeus, a Madrid-based travel technology company, last year 50 of the largest airlines managed to raise more than $ 22 million thanks to this type of additional services and charges . This means an increase of 5% compared to the previous year.