Low-cost airlines in the United States

Traveling to the United States is the wish of a million people around the world, and it is a country in which there are so many things to visit and enjoy that it seems impossible for a life to come to discover it unless you live there. If you are going to go on vacation to any part of the country, you should consider the possibility of making several trips while there, since this way you will be able to get to know many more cities.

This is where the importance of low-cost comes in , and it is thanks to these companies that you can travel to multiple destinations for very little money since "normal" companies are very expensive, much more than in Spain. Here are some low-cost airlines in the United States so you can take a look at their offers to organize your trip:

Southwest Airlines : It is the most famous in the entire country and the one that carries the largest number of passengers per year, counting for this data also all airlines and not only cheap ones. It is also the sixth largest company in the country and has the second largest fleet in the world, so it is a great option as it moves throughout the country.

AirTran Airways : Arguably the second most important low cost. It is a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings and has more than 700 daily flights throughout the country.

JetBlue Airways : It is one of the few low-cost United States that not only offers flights within its own country but also has some to the Caribbean, Mexico and Colombia, so it is a great option to get to know those countries as well.

Spirit Airlines : Like the previous one, it also flies outside the country, specifically to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has several very interesting offers, especially if you buy them in advance.